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Development Services

New Cinematics Inc. can help you develop your idea into actuality by assisting you with script development and pre-production paperwork. We utilize our entire production experience to help you shape your project right from the beginning. This minimizes the surprises you will encounter in later stages of development.

Development Services Include:

  • Script Consultation
  • Scriptwriting
  • Casting Assistance
  • Preparation of Production Paper Work
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Developing Promotional Materials

Production Services

New Cinematics Inc. specializes in the development and production of entertainment aimed at online and film festival audiences. We work along side you in developing your project and building the right team to convert you script into reality. We've worked on Music Videos, Short Films, Documentaries and Webseries.

We work with you to find the cast and crew best fit for your project and provide on set assistance to help complete your projects. With our experience seeing productions from start to finish we can help identify and resolve issues that may arrise in post-production to ensure they are corrected on set.

The production stage is also when we work with your behind the scenes crew to help the continued execution and development of your marketing plan, as well as ensure that future press kit and distribution materials are being captured.

Post-Production Services

Once your project is filmed, our facilities are equipped to help you finalize your projects and make them distribution ready. From picture editing to color correction, we ensure the quality of your project is the best it can be.

New Cinematics Inc. will also assist you with your social media campaign, and develop your marketing materials like movie posters, trailers, BTS stills, and screen grabs. We can also assist you with your PPC and YouTube campaigns.

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