"When a highly intelligent ten year old girl begins to lose her self image, her best friend must save her before she suffers irreparable damage."

About Wendy's Whimsical World

"Wendy's Whimsical World" is a contemporary fantasy film targeted for 7-12 year old girls and their mothers.

The film tackles the issues of;
withdrawn parental presence,
mental health,
and positive self-image.

The Story

The "Wendy's Whimsical World" story is about a 10 year-old girl who becomes deeply isolated. In order to cope, she uses her imagination to create a fantastical world to escape into.

Her Mother has become so absorbed with work that she is no longer capable of giving Wendy the attention she craves, let alone the support that she needs. She believes that her daughter must learn to overcome her own struggles and that she is not to accept help from anyone.

At school Wendy's isolation makes her an easy target for her classmates to pick on. Combined with her Mother's warnings to not help Wendy, the lack of friends to corroborate her story with and that her teachers are intimidated by her intelligence, Wendy spends the entire day afraid of everyone around her.

Wendy's day only starts to look up after school when her best friend, a 6 foot tall anthropomorphic cat, picks her up from school. Together they go on an adventure where Cat encourages Wendy to learn, ask for help, and face her fears head on while always being one step behind her to catch her if she stumbles.

Unfortunately, Wendy has so many people bullying her that no matter how far away she goes from her school, she will always find someone that wants to attack her. Wendy realizes that no matter where she goes and what she does, there is no escaping her pain.



Wendy is a short, brilliant ten year old girl who struggles to stay focused in school. She is bullied for being smaller than her peers, acting differently and for her intelligence. When her workaholic Mother stops paying attention to her to focus on her career, Wendy becomes extremely isolated and escapes into her own fantasy world.

Caitlin AKA Cat

Caitlin, who goes by the nickname Cat, is Wendy's best and only friend. She is the only person willing to encourage Wendy to be herself and personifies the way Wendy sees her (an anthropomorphic cat). The only thing Cat wants in the world is to ensure that Wendy is both physically and mentally safe, regardless of the cost to herself.


2016 Finalist

"Wendy's Whimsical World" was one of six finalists in the 2016 CINEFANTASY international writing competition. CINEFANTASY is a part of the International Council for Film, Television and Audiovisual Communications and the 2016 competition was put on with support from the International Film Festival & Awards - Macau.


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